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The End of an Era?
The End of an Era?

I doubt it. The Trumpster fire smolders all across the country, just waiting for the right opportunity to burst into flame again. While El Presidente slinks off to Florida, let us remember that as we watched and listened to him for over five years, 74 million of our neighbors drank his Kool-Aid. He told us to our faces what he was doing. …

A Republic, If We Can Keep It
A Republic, If We Can Keep It

What’s the difference between a patriot and an insurrectionist? Until a couple of weeks ago, the answer was clear and straightforward for most of us. A patriot loves his or her country and will do anything to defend it. An insurrectionist has grievances against the government and will do anything to destroy it.

I imagine the Minutemen of colonial Boston saw themselves as patriots, while George III saw them as insurrectionists.

Like so many things in life, perspective is the key to your viewpoint. As one ages, your mindset can change based on the ability to see a larger picture…

Cecil Brown sign stolen by Republican Thugs
Cecil Brown sign stolen by Republican Thugs

In case you’ve just returned from your vacation on Mars, there seems to be a bit of a sticky issue over ballots, mostly in Pennsylvania. Trump has been railing for months about mail-in ballots and stealing elections. All of this commotion without any evidence whatsoever even though studies have shown no evidence of any significant fraud in any elections over the years. One of Trump’s favorite rally lines is that he could only lose this election is if it is rigged. This is clearly the case of a man reading too many of his press clippings.

Here is the situation…

The Cult of Trumpism
The Cult of Trumpism

With all the oxygen sucked out of the conversation every day by their fearless leader, Donald J. Trump, we should remember that 63 plus million Americans voted to put him in that position. For that reason, he can rightfully be called the glorious founder of the cult of Trumpism, a political movement (cult) known mostly for its many ignorant, racist, far right-wing bullies.

More than a political movement, it really is a cult of fanatics who believe every single lie spewing from his COVID-19 ridden mouth, and nothing anyone says will convince them otherwise. …

When what’s-his-name began his run for President in 2015, most people in the media seemed to think it was a joke. Many mainstream media celebrities and pundits laughed when they had to announce something about “The Donald.” But to supporters like Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, who wrote the book, Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency, there is Kool-Aid, and then there is the Jim Jones unique brand of Kool-Aid to which this belongs.

Let’s get real here. If you’ve lived on this planet for at least the last five years and unless…

It was getting dark. Darker than usual, Todd thought. The sun should be going down in about fifteen minutes or so, and that meant his damn mother would be more worried than usual because he wasn’t home. He was nowhere near home.

He had pulled his bike off the path about a mile back and covered it with branches. Making his way through the woods was easy going for a while, but then he started thinking. He had roamed these woods all his life. Just never at night. He thought about the wisdom of hiding his bike. Once off the…

We all have missions on earth. Sometimes they’re easy, but most of the time we don’t even know what our mission is, and that’s part of the mission — to find our mission.

Following up on my story of a little while ago — well, actually, it was about five and a half years ago in Earth time. You can read it as a refresher here at Diary of a Life.

You see, and I’m not sure it’s common knowledge because, by the time a Spirit enters its body and makes its way out of the womb into the world…

Before the Beginning, there was God.
Before the Beginning, there was God.

You’re probably wondering, doesn’t he mean “In the beginning”? Actually, no, he doesn’t.

And you’ve probably heard the adage, don’t discuss politics or religion. This is going to be one down, one to go. Let’s start with religion.

I consider myself very spiritual, and I consider myself a Christian, just not very religious. To me, religion is an organized set of rules defined by men to govern how people who support that religion should live and act. To me, that sounds more like a club, not necessarily a connection to a higher power. Notice that I said, “people who support…

Her hair was the color of copper, and she had a face full of freckles. At first sight, you’d imagine that her name was Colleen, and you’d be right. How could you not look at that face and think anything but — Irish?

She was probably in her mid-40s and quite attractive. And smart. She was a Vice President at Citibank, so that also gave her some clout. More than all that, Colleen was a nice person, and we had a great relationship.

A great working relationship — as she was my boss. As in, I worked for her.


In reality, it was the Framers of the Constitution who came up with the Electoral College, not the Founding Fathers. The primary difference is that the Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, and the Framers wrote the Constitution. While the first set of Framers were the Founders also and wrote the Articles of Confederation, the second set of Framers ( the party of the second part) wrote the actual Constitution once they discovered that the Articles would not be sufficient actually to govern the country. But the Framers just couldn’t bring themselves to allow ordinary people to vote for…

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