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I Have the Strength of Ten Men

Isn’t it just terrific knowing if anything ever, ever happened to your kids or grandkids, that you have the strength of ten men and could protect them without even blinking an eye?

Of course, it is. If only it were true!

Naturally, when I question the veracity of that statement…

The End of an Era?

I doubt it. The Trumpster fire smolders all across the country, just waiting for the right opportunity to burst into flame again. While El Presidente slinks off to Florida, let us remember that as we watched and listened to him for over five years, 74 million of our neighbors drank…

Image via Flickr by Ross Fletcher

It was getting dark. Darker than usual, Todd thought. The sun should be going down in about fifteen minutes or so, and that meant his damn mother would be more worried than usual because he wasn’t home. He was nowhere near home.

He had pulled his bike off the path…

We all have missions on earth. Sometimes they’re easy, but most of the time we don’t even know what our mission is, and that’s part of the mission — to find our mission.

Following up on my story of a little while ago — well, actually, it was about five…

Before the Beginning, there was God.

You’re probably wondering, doesn’t he mean “In the beginning”? Actually, no, he doesn’t.

And you’ve probably heard the adage, don’t discuss politics or religion. This is going to be one down, one to go. Let’s start with religion.

I consider myself very spiritual, and I consider myself a Christian, just…

Bruce Gandy

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